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Our specialization

We understand the challenges of keeping portfolio discussions strategic, ensuring the integrity of project valuations, and building a coherent, on-target portfolio for management to review and refine. Our portfolio management solutions go beyond bubble charts, identifying key challenges, developing strategies, and clarifying trade-offs to power decisions that lead to action.


We develop and execute projects for manufactures, brands and companies that want to expand to Europe, USA, ME and ASIA We can advice you, guide you in business strategy, business plan for investors, our any project or presentation you may need or have in your mind.


You will not worry anymore how to present your idea to the public. As we can develop your corporational image, logo, protocols, business cards, webside, webstore... all accordingly to your Target customer.


You do not have a commercial agency in Spain? Let us help you grow.


Market your product or service with our marketing tools, such us advertising (magazines, events, videos…), SEO, merchandising.


Increase your employees performances by offering special training, improving team leadership.


You need to do an event for your Brand or company? Do not worry about catering, decoration, music, staff, invitations... we do all for you.

Other Topics

  • Entrepreneurs

    Do you have an idea? We will help you to develop your ideas and create a solid start for your business.

  • Business Women

    10 years supporting Business Women. We will help you to understand Business men market and flow through without a problem.

  • Young Students

    There are many good opportunities for you out there. Let us help you find them.

Noelia Pérez /CEO
Our mission is to help our customers to develop a good structure in their business, to expand faster to other countries. Offering any kind of service to increase customer sales and creating a high quality image. We mainly operate in luxury sector. Around the world, we are working hard to cover customers needs. We dream globally and act locally, constantly innovating to sustain our planet, our people, our communities and our business practices. New markets mean new ways of doing business, and new ways of addressing health concerns, cultural differences and environmental challenges. Every day is an adventure for us, and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.
In competitive environments, companies are finding that short-term planning isn't sufficient for building sound strategy. In response, more and more organizations are tightening the links between their Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning processes. Using their R&D portfolio as a basis, we put our experience to work to help you integrate future projects, business development activities, and corporate finance considerations to develop a forward-thinking strategic plan.
The CNL Business women Club works with women in Luxury business by connecting Governments and the private sector to encourage and enable women’s economic empowerment and strengthen its networking. This is achieved through delivering activities, initiatives, products and services focused on trade, talent and training.
It is a pleasure working with people who can take our vague ideas and turn them into reality, listening and absorbing all information I had for my dream project.
Nicolas Beltran /CEO


Our work

Constantly moving, developing and creating new structures for our customer ideas and projects.


Our partners


Our workers

Together, we blaze new trails, succeed, celebrate and then do something even bigger. We never settle for second best. At CHIC N LUXURY we're not just committed to performing well as individuals, but as a team, to strengthen the company as a whole. We have expertises from different professional areas that helps to understand any kind of business and customer company, taking customer hands to develop and expand together to other countries. We believe in multicultural human resources to success internationally. Our teams reflect the diversity of our consumers and our communities, breaking down barriers. We are always seeking for new entrepreneur, promises and creative people, without country limits.

When we work together, we become stronger!

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Helping you with your events

This innovative project is delivered through a team of Entrepreneurs comprising: My Sushi Side, Sushi Company sharing and catering, MOMA, Company related to art and design pioneer in inflatable decorative and Kapricho Oro, a brut nature exquisite with 23k gold and CNL.

Fusion Deluxe is created to share experiences & synergies in the luxury sector initiatives, creativity, effort and cooperation as a leading event management company.

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Or contact us through the platform www.meetup.com/fusion-deluxe.

Our types of events

Increase your contacts and networking in our networking events. Check our schedule here.
Finding a nice place, catering, decoration, music or other activities for your event.

In the Press

"Una Noche de Oro" was the beginning of the history of these 4 restless entrepreneurs wanting to do many things differently and exquisitely looking for another way to see things working to create magical, elegant, fun and interesting moments expanding their professional relationships. In this particular event we could taste a fusion of sushi (My Sushi Side) plus fish cooked in a special barbecue, while drinking a glass of achampagnado with gold shavings (Kapricho Oro), in an atmosphere and unique decor (Moma Inflatables) and art exhibit Raul Guillamón. Adding the concept of image and glamour one model wore the Mivira brand, Xento Italian jewelry and Mr. Right shoes. And all in a singular space as is "La Cúpula" Francesc Macia (Fupe) and a heavenly views over Barcelona.